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Driving Your Career

By September 26, 2016 No Comments

Let’s face it. We all don’t work for dynamic and progressive organisations, which groom high-potential talent.

In fact, many organisations make well-intentioned attempts at Personal Leadership but the vast majority struggle to make it an organisational priority they simply don’t have the time, energy, budget, understanding or resources to do so.

Clearly now, individuals need to develop themselves and promote their own Personal Brands and manage strategies for their careers.

Personal branding is now mainstream business. With the advent of social media, posting, blogging and publishing on the global agenda, driving one’s own career is now the norm and fair game.

The discipline of Personal branding requires one’s own introspection and goal creation. It then requires the individual to take ownership of their own career progression.

Today, we cannot wait for employers to shepherd employees through formal type of training. It’s about being strategic and considered in the approach to professional growth – not just allowing our careers to run-amok!

Strong brands focus on one major thing, not many things and they do it well. Powerful brands are memorable for simple, clear value. So, what does your brand say about YOU?

Consider these corporate business leaders and their crystal-like brands: Big W is known for its low prices. Volvo equals safety and Apple is all about innovation.

So, what does this look like in human personal brand terms?

  • The Innovator – the big audacious ideas generator
  • The Negotiator – the tough-as-nails, win-win producer
  • The Organiser – the project manager extraordinaire
  • The Connector – always knows someone you should know
  • The Gatekeeper – strict and savvy on compliance
  • The Fixer – the go-to guru who can make anything work
  • The Schmoozer – can create valuable relationships with anyone.

Whether by design or default, these people are branded. They are often top-of-mind when their organisation, team or personal circle needs their particular brand of strength. If these people are consciously and strategically managing their brand message they make sure to keep that key strength consistently visible, valuable and most importantly, memorable.

To make the most of opportunities, individuals need to make sure that those around them know precisely (be crystal clear) what value they have to offer. And, importantly, what does this value deliver.

Questions like, What’s really important to me and what do I want to be recognised for at work, are particularly important, to get on the right track and to be able to communicate personal value.

Personal branding is about adding value beyond what your colleagues deliver. It’s about differentiating self and getting permission for standing out for something special.

Basically, people buy/hire/work with others because of how it makes them feel. So how do you make people feel? What’s uniquely different about you and do others know? Personal branding enables individuals to profit from what distinguishes them from others with similar skills and abilities.

Branding (in general) is the sum of a person’s actions, communications, offerings and interactions – in short, it’s about your unique promise of value. When Personal Branding is employed consistently, anyone is capable of driving and accelerating their own career success.

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