Secrets to High Performing Linked In Profiles

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The 5C’s to High Performing Linked In Profiles:


Make your URL your own! Put your cursor over ‘Profile’ at the top of the homepage and select edit Profile.

Click the little wheel to the right of the URL link (under your Photo). This will take you to the page where you can edit your URL. Replace it with your first and last name (no spaces) and this will drive your Linked In page up toward the top of google search – cool huh!


Know your Personal Brand and communicate it! Outline your preferred job title in the Professional Headline space, under your name. This area is high in search engine optimisation (you get 120 characters) to promote your skills and desires. Answer this What you do, How you go about doing and Why you do it!


Don’t just cut and paste your resume here. Focus on the last 3-5 years of your career. Rank accomplishments in order of what you want to be doing in the future! Don’t forget to rank and order your skills add endorsements in order of importance to you!


Get recommendations (not just endorsements) from your contacts. Praise is professional bragging so convince people to actually write authentic compelling stuff about you!


Connecting produces reciprocity, do it with a nice touch and send

a brief personal note. Like and link to websites that showcase your works, collaborations and partnerships

If you don’t know your strengths or ‘how the world see’s you’! When take this simple online assessment to measure your value:

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