My name is Narelle Goodfield and this is my story


For as long as I can remember, I’ve been really curious about what drives people to reach successful positions in business, and why some executives are fulfilled and working on purpose, while others seem challenged everyday.

What now is more and more obvious, is that those who bring their whole-self to the boardroom table, thrive in today’s business world. I help executives advance their reputation and careers with focussed action to create traction and results.

Confidence has always been my strength (and possibly my weakness) however, absolutely knowing my personality and unique set of gifts (and leveraging the hell out of them) has given me an unfair advantage.

This thing is …. You can too! (In fact, anyone can, but everyone won’t).

After a decade of experience with business people from the private big end of town to start-ups and government agencies, in the Management and Leadership arena, I believe that we can have more fulfilled workplaces resulting in MORE (More Money, More Opportunity, More Results and More Experiences) by working more strategically and with soul.

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